Virus makes Hard Disk Full

The computer has Windows XP with Symantec End Point AV.

Error message said “Hard Disk Full”.

Can’t run AntiVirus, since no “space” at all. Even can’t uninstall it.

I check using Windows Explorer, only end up to “Document and Settings” folder is the one having big size. If I enter to the contents of that folder, I couldn’t find the file having a big size. It’s mysterious! I set everything unhidden. So, I was sure no hidden files.

In safe mode, just the same.

If I delete some files, after some times the mysterious file/folder growth again and fulfill the HD again.

No AntiVirus could run, even the online Bit Defender just stuck.

Almost gave up and reinstall the Windows.

Finally I found a small program “WinDirStat“. When installed, it is only 0.68 MB. I installed it in the Safe Mode.

With this amazing program, I found that the culprit is a folder of Symantec End Point. It is in the “All Users/Applications/Symantec/Quarantine”

I delete the whole folder “Quarantine”. Then all went well.


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